“It’s really convenient having clean modern laundry facilities right in my building.”

Client Testimonials

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 "A Beautiful Place to come home to"

I've been a resident at Foxes Lair for over 3 years now.  It's a nice beautiful place to come home to.  It's very safe and family oriented.  The managers are wonderful.  Anytime you need anything day or night they respond and they're right there quickly to take care of your needs.  My five year old enjoys the swimming pool and the outdoor court for the kids.  It's a lot of fun at Foxes Lair.

Tina Carey


"I would Recommend to Anyone"

I live here at Foxes Lair.  I find it to be very scenic and relaxing.  The resident manager is very very helpful and has made me feel welcome.  The place is very clean and well kept.  We have deer.  Thereís wildlife, squirrels and chipmunks all around our little picnic area.  We have a nice swimming area.  The grounds are maintained.  Thereís flowers, shrubs, and trees.  Is not like your ordinary city apartment.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Lynne Altpater


"Quiet & Clean - I will be staying"

I live at Foxes Lair Apartments.  Iíve been here almost a year.  I will be staying.  Itís quiet and clean.  The grounds are very well kept.  The pool area is wonderful.  The people here are very nice.  You need anything and theyíre right there.  Anything you could want is within 5 minutes drive time.  You have theaters, the mall, grocery shopping, furniture stores, Pier 1 Ė everything is here.  You could even walk if you wanted to.

Shara Barnosky


"The Managers are Great.  We love all the animals we see"

I live in Foxes Lair Apartments.  I love it because of all the green areas we have.  I have two children.  We love the animals that we see.  We see deer, bunnies, blue jays, cardinals and other kinds of birds.  Itís very quiet.  I enjoy the pool in the summer.  The green areas are beautiful.  We enjoy going outside.  My children love to go outside.  We have picnic tables and an area to do cookouts too.  The maintenance is great.  Itís very professional.  The people that we live around are very friendly.  Theyíre very nice.  The managers are great too Ė they enjoy living here and itís just beautiful.

Flor Ramos


"The Parking is great.  The Maintenance is fabulous."

Iíve lived in Foxes Lair for over a year now.  The grounds are well kept.  The swimming pool is beautiful.  Parking is great and the maintenance is fabulous.  Itís convenient because everything is so close.

Al Hebebrand